WOW! Great Walk for Life Video!

by | Jan 28, 2010 | 2010 Walk for Life, Blog, Walk for Life Music Videos | 0 comments

We are blessed beyond belief in our young people!

The song is “Inheritance.” The band is “Shadow of the Locust.”

They are part of the Lila Rose/Live Action and Rock for Life generation. God Bless them!

In a January 26 interview with Trey on Wut Metaphysical of Shadow of the Locust described the new song:

“Also, look for a new song/video out by Calmplex, Prefekt and I, filmed at the 2010 Walk for Life rally in San Francisco. It’s called “Inheritance” and is basically a tribute to women who don’t abort.”

To learn more about Shadow of the Locust, go here.