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Standup 4Life Rally and Walk TOMORROW in Oakland!

by | Jan 23, 2014 | 2014 Additional Events, 2014 Walk for Life, Blog, Stand Up 4Life | 0 comments

walter_endangered_speciesAlthough the Walk for Life West Coast is not until Saturday, there are many related events taking place. Tomorrow, our dear friend Walter Hoye will lead the 7th Annual Standup 4Life Rally and Walk. The Rally and Walk begin at 12 noon at the Frank Ogawa Plaza in front of Oakland City Hall. Walter writes:

“We walk because abortion in the Black community is a form of genocide, it is the Darfur of America.  We walk because abortion in Black America is the civil rights issue of our day.  We walk because abortion does violence, both physically and emotionally, to men and women, to their children, and to their families.

Walk with us and help us change the perceptions of a culture that thinks aborting children is an option.” 

The black community has been hurt far more that any other by the inhumanity of legalized abortion.  Join Walter, Reverend Clenard Childress, Pastor Walter Moss, and Pastor Bruce Rivers, as they work to end this insanity and rekindle hope in the black community.  You can find all details of tomorrow’s Standup 4Life event here.