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Seminarian inspired to poetry by Walk

by | Jan 29, 2015 | 2015 Walk for Life, 2015 Walk Photos, Blog, Walk for Life Media Team

The website of Mt. Angel Seminary shares this poem, written by seminarian Ivan Arevalo, about why he attends the Walk for Life West Coast.

Photo courtesy Jong Arcega.

Photo courtesy Jong Arcega.

I walked for me, with no shoes
I walked for a promise, my promise
I walked for my hurt, for my pain
I walked for my wounds, my sorrow
I walked for my living, for my dead
I walked for hope, my hope
I walk now for them
I walk now barefooted
I walk feeling the broken and wounded road
I walk for the broken and wounded on the side of the road
I walk because I am broken and wounded
I walk for their hurt, I walk for their pain
I walk for their wounds, I walk for their sorrow
I walk for the breath not taken
I walk for the steps not taken
I walk for their living, I walk for their dead
I walk for hope, their hope, our hope.