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Hurting after abortion?

Abortion can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a person’s life.  Feelings of sadness, anxiety, guilt, anger and grief are not only common for the woman who undergoes an abortion, but also for the man involved, for relatives, friends, counselors and even medical personnel.

Is abortion a painful part of your past? Are you still struggling to find peace months or years after the choice? If so, you are not alone…and you don’t have to carry this burden by yourself any longer.  Help is readily available to you in your journey to renewed emotional and spiritual well-being.  Many have traveled this road before you and as you reach out for assistance, you will discover a community of compassionate, experienced women and men who will be able to offer skillful and significant help.


NATIONAL: Rachel’s Vineyard National Hotline: 1-877-HOPE-4-ME (1-877-467-3463)

CALIFORNIA ONLY: Project Rachel California Statewide Phone line: 1-888-HOPE-790 (1-888-467-3790)*

*This number receives calls from any area code in the state of California and routes the caller directly to his or her closest Project Rachel office. Project Rachel is the Catholic diocesan program of post-abortion assistance to both women and men.


www.afterabortion.com – neutral peer support among women (e-support)

www.rachelsvineyard.org – Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats/Groups – (e-buddy option)


www.rachelsvineyard.org – Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats/Groups

www.afterabortion.com – Elliott Institute

www.hopeafterabortion.com – U.S. Catholic dioceses’ outreach

www.abortionchangesyou.com – Abortion Changes You


Click a book category below to view more 

Other Books

Peace after Abortion Ava Torre-Bueno (strongly pro-choice approach)

The Healing Choice: Your Guide to Emotional Recovery After an Abortion Candace De Puy, Ph.D. and Dava Dovitch, Ph.D. (strongly pro-choice approach)

Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace After Abortion Sydna Masse & Joan Phillips (strongly evangelical Protestant /biblical approach)

Catholic Women and Abortion: Stories of Healing Pat King, ed.

Abortion and Healing: A Cry to Be Whole Fr. Michael Mannion (strongly Catholic approach for those who have suffered after abortion and those seeking to help)

General Grief Books

Good Grief Granger Westberg (Fortress)

The Courage to Grieve (general – not specific to pregnancy loss) Judy Tatelbaum

Grief Therapy for Men Linus Mundy

Making Loss Matter: Creating Meaning in Difficult Times Rabbi David Wolpe